Case Studies

“Samantha's diverse experience, strategic business acumen, and creative design are stellar. She played an instrumental role in our organizational growth and in architecting the success of our 1st Annual Hydrogen Policy Leaders Convention."

- Roxana Bekemohammadi, Founder & CEO, United States Hydrogen Alliance

Case: United States Hydrogen Alliance

Branding + B2B Growth Channels + Event Marketing & Management

Skills: Strategy, content copywriting, graphic design, website development, social media engagement, earned media, event coordination, B2B membership + project management

Client Background: The United States Hydrogen Alliance (USHA) is a nationwide trade association representing companies within the hydrogen fuel cell industry to advance public policies to promote growth in the hydrogen economy.

Challenge: As a relatively new entrant into the hydrogen trade association market, USHA lacked visibility, consistent branding and a strong value proposition for its targeted member companies and policy leaders.

My Approach: I worked with leadership to gather available performance data to assess the most successful channels to target. I also conducted business analysis to identify key drivers of companies that became USHA members within the last six months. Lastly, I sat in on a number of meetings with current and potential members to obtain insights on key questions, business interests, and the approach used to drawn in new members.

Strategy: Utilized timely organizational opportunities to engage current members and attract new members to join. Opportunities such as annual renewal of membership, Board of Directors elections and "member-only" participation in the 1st Annual Hydrogen Policy Leaders Convention were used.

Significant changes in branding were made to marketing collateral, a new website was launched, effective video content and testimonials were developed, and high-quality, eye-catching images were used to elevate organizational prestige.

Consistent social media content was produced to highlight key industry news, promotion of op-eds and articles featuring USHA leadership as well as feature association members to attract new followers and engagement on a weekly basis.


During my time with the United States Hydrogen Alliance the organization experienced a 20% growth in membership.

USHA received increased visibility through organic means by launching a new website, engaging supporters on social media channel(s) with a +106% growth in LinkedIn followers and participation in strategic trade shows and conferences.

Internally, USHA achieved a 90% engagement rate with organizational membership through email campaigns and hosting its 1st Annual Hydrogen Policy Leaders Convention.

“The value Samantha has brought to my business is immeasurable. She is truly irreplaceable and the quality of her work is unmatched.”

― Maria E. Barrera, Licensed Acupuncturist & CEO, Athena Acupuncture & Wellness

Case: Athena Acupuncture & Wellness

Growth Channels + Branding

Skills: Strategy, content copywriting, design application + project management

Client Background: Athena Acupuncture & Wellness Center is a private practice specializing in the modalities of acupuncture, cupping therapy, moxibustion, and other natural Traditional Asian Medicines that balance the body, mind and spirit.

Challenge: The COVID-19 pandemic and regulatory challenges placed the practice in a narrow pool of potential patients. This left the firm heavily reliant on referrals, Instagram, and listings based on insurance coverage to generate leads.

My Approach: I gathered existing performance data to establish customer persona(s) specific to Athena Acupuncture & Wellness Center. Once that was established, strategic decisions were made with the purpose of raising local awareness and elevating Athena Acupuncture & Wellness Center to the top of mind of targeted patients.

Strategy: The strategy to reach new potential patients searching for alternative health providers included establishing four new channels - paid social ads, monthly promotions, educational events, and email.

Social media is the practitioner’s strongest channel. Together, we focused on creating content that adds value and the opportunity to define the Athena Acupuncture & Wellness brand. Additionally, social media also increases recognition through sharing, providing greater customer insights through interactions and it's one of the best ways to build trust with your audience by sharing your most authentic self through photos and videos.


Since working with Athena Acupuncture & Wellness Center, the clinic has experienced + 2,600% growth in total new patients.

Athena Acupuncture & Wellness Center seized the opportunity in March 2022 utilizing Women's History Month and the start of a new Spring season as avenues to highlight, amplify, and connect with its large female audience. During the month of March, engagement on Instagram increased +300% and the number of followers by nearly 10%.

“Samantha's impressive strategic acumen and ability to create the architecture for our growth strategy is unparalleled. She has a knack for staying goal oriented and implementing any project with clarity, timeliness, and ease.”

― Adrees Mukhtar, CEO of Recovery & Resilience Centers

Case: Recovery & Resilience Centers

Content + Search Engine Optimization (SEO) + Paid Social Ads

Skills: Strategy, content copywriting, design application, + project management

Client Background: Recovery & Resilience Centers (R&R Centers) is an early-stage start-up opioid addiction treatment clinic in a highly regulated industry.

Challenge: As a start-up, R&R Centers had limited awareness and visibility. Additionally, the marketing funnel needed further development and R&R Centers unique value proposition required amplification.

My Approach: I conducted customer research and a comparative analysis with R&R Centers top market contenders. Based on research and company objectives, the top marketing priority was to establish a funnel and build an infrastructure for R&R Centers that was grounded in credibility, human connection, and commitment to support patients with substance use disorder.

Strategy: To achieve growth, I worked with clinic leadership to place a special focus on targeted paid social video ads, educational social media content, special promotions for new patients, and blog development. This was in addition to the Google AdWords campaigns already being utilized. A full website renovation would later become a focal point for the clinic.

R&R Centers increased awareness of the opioid addiction crisis through monthly themes such as “Opioid Awareness Month” in July and established “Resilience Takes Practice” in August during the National Wellness Month. Themes were implemented across blogs, social media, and paid acquisition campaigns.

My work also involved identifying R&R Centers target customer(s). To achieve this, a series of video ads were produced to test response rate from seniors, parents of minors, and millennials.

Lastly, leadership pivoted into creating a new website that would be more conducive towards generating organic SEO traffic.


My work with Recovery & Resilience Centers (R&R Centers), yielded a 200% growth in new patients. The new website resulted in a 300% increase in traffic generated from organic search and a +11% decrease in the bounce rate. During my time with R&R Centers, the number of Instagram followers increased by 800% and the number of Facebook page “Likes” by nearly 4%. Lastly, while some of the video ads were unsuccessful in attracting the targeted population, tests did reveal R&R Centers’ target audience which led to more focused marketing campaigns.

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“Samantha did a fabulous job increasing our digital online sales channel. She truly made a difference during a difficult time.”

― Jana Harvey, Scott Harvey Wines, President

Case: Scott Harvey Wines

Email + Events

Skills: Strategy, content copywriting, design application + project management

Client Background: Scott Harvey Wines is a well-established, family-owned winery in Amador County with customers that favor specialty wine varietals native to the Shenandoah Valley.

Challenge: Prior to 2020, online sales and digital promotion infrastructure was limited.

My Approach: I researched historical company data to identify the best performing promotions, maintained consistent communication with customers, and made ordering wine online as easy as possible.

Strategy: To achieve this level of growth there was a special focus on promotions, social media, and email marketing.

Generating awareness and staying connected to customers through lifecycle marketing was a must due to the natural attrition rate of subscribers. Furthermore, targeted segmentation of the email list was important because naturally some promotions and events were based on the customer's wine club membership, geographic location, and favorite type of wine.

Additionally, the winery began to promote virtual wine tasting, virtual events, and holiday promotions. When limited in-person events were allowed those were promoted to welcome back customers to the winery and tasting rooms.


My work with Scott Harvey Wines, resulted in a 167% increase in online sales.

For example, October was one of the most successful months during my time with Scott Harvey Wines. The main Halloween promotion was a mystery box of wine (either 6 or 12 bottles). The audience really enjoyed the anticipation of a surprise. I took this opportunity to test the audience response to GIFs in the email correspondence to express fun and cheerfulness (something we all needed during the pandemic.) The audience loved it and sales nearly doubled from the previous year! Additionally, the winery hosted a sold out outdoor movie screening of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” where wine sales continued to increase into the holiday season.

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