Unique digital marketing strategies for your business that are optimized for performance while keeping costs low to further your visibility and reach your target customer

“The value Samantha has brought to my business in immeasurable. She truly is irreplaceable and the quality of her work is unmatched.”

― Maria E. Barrera, Licensed Acupuncturist & CEO, Athena Acupuncture & Wellness Center

Nice to meet you, I’m Samantha.

Hello! I'm Sam — a digital performance marketer grounded in customer centricity, fast iteration, and a growth mindset based in Northern California. For the past 4 years, I have curated and implemented marketing strategies to drive growth for start-ups and strategic planning in business transformations for six different companies in healthcare, wellness, wine, and public policy industries.

In my most recent roles, I have partnered with business owners, executives, and directors to ensure messaging and branding are integrated across the marketing funnel to optimize every aspect of the business. Through market research and data analysis, I aim to certify business success through continuous testing and iteration, process improvement, and problem solving.

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